Organic Transition Planner

This publication, referred to as the Planner, is a specialized guide to assist farmers, ranchers and food business owners (new or experienced, small- or large-scale) interested in exploring transition strategies prior to becoming certified organic. 

The Planner will prove most useful if applied before beginning transition. However, you will certainly benefit from using the Planner if you are in the midst of transitioning or have already become certified. The Planner addresses organic certification requirements as they pertain to or affect business planning; however, the Planner is not a comprehensive guide to becoming certified organic. 

Fair Use of Materials:

You are welcome to adapt and use these materials as needed; and to download, print, and distribute any portion of this toolkit. Please do not charge recipients more than the cost of printing and handling. Please give the following credit:

"This publication was a collaborative effort of the University of Minnesota, United States Department of Agriculture, and National Institute of Food and Agriculture."

Organic Planner Worksheets