Guidelines for Posting

The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture sponsors the "SustAgMarket" Listserv as a place where rural farmers, urban farmers, and sustainable agriculture-related business enterprises can exchange information about goods and services for sale or trade.

The Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture offers the SustAgMarket Listserv as a service to the sustainable agriculture community. MISA does not verify the accuracy of any posts, and will not be held responsible for any financial transactions that take place as a result of posts to SustAgMarket. Anyone entering a business transaction as a result of a post on SustAgMarket should exercise good common sense and business caution, and do their own verification of buyer or seller credentials.

What's Allowed?

  • We welcome posts offering goods or services for sale, rent, lease, trade, free give-away, or donation that are relevant in some way to sustainable agriculture or local food systems.
  • Also allowed are posts from those seeking goods or services to buy, rent, or receive as a donation that are relevant to sustainable agriculture or local food systems.
  • Sustainable agriculture-related organizations that do fundraising to support their programs can post fundraising appeals on SustAgMarket.

***Businesses or organizations that offer goods or services are asked to limit repetitive posts to once every two weeks for similar posts.

What's Not Allowed?

  • Postings for any inappropriate, non-sustainable ag-related product or service are not allowed, and will result in prompt removal of the subscriber who posted it from the list.
  • Postings for an illegal product or service are not allowed, and will result in removal of the subscriber and reporting to U of MN police.

Other Guidelines for SustagMarket Subscribers:

Anyone wishing to comment on the quality of a product or service offered on SustAgMarket is reminded that libel laws apply to online discussion groups. If you make a negative statement about a product or service or a person offering these, you need to have evidence to back up the truth of your claim. Think twice or thrice before hitting the "Send" button. Read this guide to Online Defamation Law.

Subscribers to SustAgMarket are asked to adhere to basic rules of online etiquette ("Netiquette"). These will be enforced at the discretion of the list owner.

SustAgMarket is an unmoderated list, meaning that posts do not need to be pre-approved by a moderator. However, MISA staff will be reading all posts, and anyone engaging in personal attacks, slander, libel, or general viciousness and abuse will be asked to tone it down or leave the list.

How to subscribe:

Read the Guidelines for Posting

  • compose an email to [email protected] as follows:
  • leave the Subject line blank
  • start the text on the 1st line: SUBSCRIBE SUSTAGMARKET Your Name


You will receive 2 emails from the University of Minnesota LISTSERV server:

  1. a confirmation request to which you must respond; and
  2. a notification that you have successfully subscribed.

How to unsubscribe:

  • compose an email to [email protected] as follows:
  • leave the Subject line blank
  • start the text on the 1st line: SIGNOFF SUSTAGMARKET
  • do not include your name in the "signoff" command

How to post a message to the list:

Send your email message to: [email protected]

To make changes to your list options:

Go to the University of Minnesota Listserv Page to find detailed instructions. Contact [email protected] if you need assistance.

To access the SustAgMarket archives:

Go to the SustAgMarket List main page. Click on "Log In" and enter your email address and password. If you do not already have a password for SustAgMarket, you will be able to choose one.

To avoid having your messages marked as "SPAM:"

The University of Minnesota hosts this listserv, and has installed SpamAssassin software as another layer of protection for all of its listservs.  In rare cases, a legitimate message will get marked as "SPAM."  Read these materials from SpamAssassin to find out how to avoid this for your messages: