Wholesale Readiness Training

The Wholesale Readiness Training program for produce farmers is underway!

Training sessions, January through April 2024:

  • January 24 - Business Planning - Ryan Pesch
  • February 7 - Production - Natalie Hoidal
  • February 21 - Buyer Connnections - Brett Olson
  • March 7 - Food Safety - Annalisa Hultberg
  • March 21 - Licensing - Jane Jewett
  • April 4 - Packing/Packaging - Ryan Pesch

Course Logistics

Here's where you can find important information about the course: What sessions are coming up, contact information for the project team members, links to access course materials.

Link to Course Logistics

Tutorial Videos for Course Technology

Tracking Progress

Part of the goal of this course is to push you to do the work of developing and launching or expanding a wholesale enterprise. We know how it is - you attend a conference or workshop and the ideas sound great, but you get home and get busy, and never get around to planning and implementing the great things you heard about.

Our goal is to keep you moving forward in developing your plans and then actually implementing wholesale sales. That means you will have assignments, the project team will collect and monitor your work, and you will share about your progress in small-group sessions as we go along.

Here are links to online forms, where you will be able to submit your homework assignments:

Questions? Contact: Jane Jewett, [email protected]

Wholesale Readiness Training is offered by Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, Renewing the Countryside, and U of MN Extension; and funded by a Specialty Crop Block Grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Wholesale Readiness Training Video Playlist