Sustainers Coalition

Our Role as a Coalition:

To provide a clearly defined constituency, representing and communicating among many aspects of the sustainable agriculture movement in Minnesota. The intention is to further the networking capabilities of the group and to push the level of dialogue on sustainable agriculture to a more systemic level across the movement.

To educate ourselves and others on the deeper definition of "sustainable", including food policy, food delivery systems, farm and rural life, as well as sustainable farming practices. To provide philosophical and ethical groundwork on this issue.

To support the Board members of the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA) as they formulate their programs or research. To serve a formal role in the governance of MISA, per the MISA Charter. To be available to work jointly with MISA and faculty as needed on initiatives or joint fundraising for sustainable agriculture. To be availabe for advice to MISA Board or Committees. In general-- to hold MISA accountable to its mission and By-Laws.